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Wednesday, May 12, 2004 - 8:21 PM -

  1. A proper house.
  2. The expanding arsenal of Brotron Labs: introducing the Hamilton Demo-6. "More photos soon."
  3. The thing about leadholder.com isn't just the careful obsession, it's the memory jam. All the drawing I did with these pencils comes back. Hours and years.
  4. Is it a 'bevy of beds'? A herd? A flock? Perhaps a conspiracy.
  5. Did you notice in Pattern Recognition that it's all laptops and cell phones? No PDAs, and cells are only used for voice, not txt.
  6. The rate of 404 just appalls me. Links that were good only a month ago vanish. I find I'm using the wayback machine an awful lot lately.
  7. "We shall rise like lemon bunt cake." PockyBot. (Disclaimer: He's now experimenting with adding story to what was delightfully chaotic. Hie thee to the archives for what had been a favorite.)
  8. No Maps For These Territories. I finally saw this. It's Bill talking, and Bill's always good. Do make sure to click Don'tClick, and then use the odd little nav widget once there.
  9. Scroll just a little. Wonderful sculpture.
  10. Pao, Pao, Pao! Not to mention the chair, the restaurant, the merchandising, and the lifestyle if you want to dig through links to nice pics of various pao club fun rides. ...Took me a moment to figure out what was going on. At first I though I'd bumped into a lovely 60s econobox, but turned out the Pao is a very nice retromobile. I think I want one.
  11. Indie filmmaker Greg Pak's first full-length feature, Robot Stories.
  12. Fire Hydrants of Japan.
  13. Fender sample blocks.
  14. The Aesthetics of Precision. Mechanamorpic Sculpture of William Dubin.
  15. Vintage Citroen. Brochures and more.
  16. Not to mention the tandem.
  17. Oh, oh my.... Someone has made a slotcar track for Racer.
  18. I'm liking the idea of mouse-gestures for PDAs.
  19. National Marine Fisheries Historic Image Collection.
  20. Scans of firework bursts from Captain A. Brock's Famous Firework Book.
  21. Shobido's Headquarters Building by Shiro Kasamatsu, from the remarkable Shotei Gallery.
  22. Historical Map Web Sites.
  23. Subway maps and more.
  24. "Cartographic Materials in the Collection". The many types of maps at the UC Berkeley Library.
  25. Old Railway Maps Of Taiwan.
  26. The Great Bronze Bunny of Ouargistan.
  27. Ah yes, the legendary Webley Vickers.
  28. Community-Indexed Photo Archive. The copyright-free photo archive at Gimp-Savvy. See also, Wikipedia.
  29. "Do you want me to do signage, or do you want me to think about the project?" Wee interview with Bruce Mau.
  30. Bring Me Edelweiss!

Saturday, May 1, 2004 - 10:16 PM -

(File under Royksopping)

A map I'd like to see: personal globalization. Not what's been imported around you, though that's interesting, but what is your world via the internet? Mine covers the broad English-speaking world, with a hefty helping of Japan and Korea.

How does the map shift as you consider the general population of different countries? How does it shift between major cities, and between cities and rural areas? How does the map shift as you filter for languages -- like look at what Koreans browse, then filter between those with different language skills.

How does the map shift as China (for example) enacts controls on cybercafes?

Also have filters for type of sites visited. News, work vs play, gaming, etc.

I'm imagining something like a wall atlas with an audiopad interface.

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