Web browsers that don't support web standards are a scandal. As developers, we're the interface between the content and the browsers, so we need to know where the browsers screw up or our pages will fail.

Nice situation isn't it? We've got users and content providers, and a web with clear standards to connect the two. Then there's all these browsers with their failed standards support getting in the way. If you like paranoia, follow the money and concoct a conspiracy theory or two. Or despair about human intelligence.

Meanwhile, when one of these outfits promotes their "partial compliance", give them hell. Partial compliance isn't compliance, and it's destructive to the web. Users don't know better, but you do. Get loud about full standards compliance.


There is no way I'm going to list all the bug sites, but here's a few I'm trying to remember at the moment.

Tell Them Like It Is

Filling in bug reports is part of a developer's life. But follow the guidelines of each company. Some busy engineer, who may agree with your opinion, has to weed through these to separate tech info from flames and just plain useless reports. Help make the browser better by just giving the facts asked for. Opinions of the software and the company go elsewhere.

Get Yours

Of course you need to have the browsers to watch your valid CSS fail in them. By the way, did you know you can only run one IE PC on your OS? That's right. Yes, it made me happy to learn that too.