Tracking The Humans

I'm going to quote a big chunk of Mersault Thinking here because it's good stuff, because you should go there, and so Vincent can sue me once we both grow up to be heartless corporations. (I swear people do lawsuits for sport now.)


Designers for Content

I'm going to skip over the usual apologetics and just tell you to check out the current Rants And Raves section of Kaliber10K where a recent thoughtful and introspective posting by Mschmidt asking "Where is the fucking content?" on design sites, provoked a flurry of comments from others in the design community. The overall feedback being that people - even many designers - are getting tired of precious, self-indulgent designs that try to communicate nothing other than the author's own proficiency in Flash or Photoshop.

It's interesting to hear these kind of opinions coming from what would generally be perceived as the hardcore design community. But it does make me wonder: did I miss something while I was away? Are cats laying down with dogs now? posted by Mersault 6:16:29 PM | #


And thus Vincent voices the tipping point.

I was wondering when Design For Design's sake would begin a fall out of fashion for a rise in content bias in web design. This is a regular pendulum of aesthetic in all fields.

What is interesting is you can watch a collective definition of art become evident. One can reasonably say art is design for design's sake, yet we only call a few of the DfD sites art.

See? Whether the public definition coincides with your own opinion of art or not, you are given an immediate view of the consensis, unobscured by the promoting agenda of galleries.


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