Pixels Before Butter

So... creating software is a political event.

If the media is the message, then constructing a media implies there is a message it is meant to sow. A media is not just a method whereby people can talk, but one that shapes what they will say. Not just can say. To be successful with the varied and wily animals that humans are, the media must also induce a societal value. Must create a policeman within. (Or a gardener, if your cup is the one always half full.)

So is blogger or email or ftp or napster "the media"? Actually it's them, but it is also the whole network, both software and hardware, right up to your keyboard. And right now, as it is being equipped with "copy protected" harddrives and televisions, and laws of censorship of content whether posted or transferred, the network is becoming less a language that extends what you can think, and more one that limits what you can think. And it's when a language becomes a filter rather than an amplifier that its message becomes clearest.

(Sheesh. Apparently the caffeine gods have decreed I be possessed by the ghosts Sontag and Chomsky tonight.)

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