"<AP> Steven Spielberg is teaming up with toy industry giant Lego to create a digital movie-making kit that lets children create and edit their own films. "

Years back there was a thread, Doom Is Your Interface. The idea was, if you could run around in a 3D environment like Doom on a lowly 386, why couldn't we leverage this into a GUI for PCs that wasn't a desktop?

It was an idea for an accessible middle ground between the mouse & glass teat and expensive ideals of virtual reality. (I mean, c'mon, we are still stuck in 1984.)

Lots of work was done on VR palaces and avatars but nothing ever made it to the mainstream except for gaming, like Quake. Now Lego is releasing a digital movie suite. Lego already has Robotics, a programmable building set that would translate easily into purely digital. And Lego is THE name for the simplest of VR, toy building blocks.

Could it be that we are finally going to go to the next step? Will Lego bring us the tools to build user modifiable 3D domains? Will I be able to prototype my 3D file architecture ideas with this? Will they interlock with yours?

Oh that is a Christmas I am looking forward to.

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