Tonight's Stupid Thing is ... cars that talk back to you. Evey few years an American car company will come out with some sort of synthesized voice option. This has always failed to catch on.

I am baffled that a big outfit like GM does not fully understand the power of branding. You cannot just put a voice in your cars and expect it to sell. This is America. It has to be voices from Star Trek. Now THAT would be a hit. Wouldn't you rather have Sulu respond with your GPS position? Have Uhura handle your calls and email? And instead of some "low oil" light coming on, you just gotta have Scotty whining from Engineering.

We will have this. It is our birthright. I just don't understand why companies that exist to pander to our excesses have not already grasped this one. Unbelieveable.

And we will learn a lot about the relative hipness of marketing and the market by whether the first Klingon version is produced by a hacker or by a company.

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