I was sitting at a cafe with a lady who was explaining that her dad is a hydraulic engineer and by way of this tragedy there is no flat surface in her entire family homestead that is not covered with blueprints of dams going back to the 1960's.

Not being one to mask social ineptitude I said, "Wow. Cool!" The blank stare I got told me this was the wrong answer, so I proceeded to furnish the hole I was digging by explaining that the drawings were as rich with ideas as a private library of novels. This earned me a long pause and, "Yeah, that's what he says."

So have a look at this. The Nieuport Page. Lovingly collected technical drawings of early aircraft. Page after page of elegant solutions to flying at low airspeed in lightly stressed structures of wood and metal. Glorious. Being geek doesn't just mean a CRT tan.

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