Pleasant Dreams

The real modern world accessory: the perpetual children raised by society will now get "conscience bears". Little stuffed robot teddys programmed not only to handle your email and datebook, but all of your higher functions. If we can get ten terabytes of data on a credit card, then that little buddy can be your own personal Martha Stewart, Henry Kissinger, and Freud. Forget about asking whether students should be allowed to use a calculator during an exam. It's time to be asking if their teddy can write their thesis.

As usual, Marketing is behind the times. People don't want their damn fridge to tell their damn car to remind them to pick up cream. Ever see a good comic or movie or SF story that has that in it? No! We want a personal avatar to handle those things and keep us entertained meanwhile.

But the Hellenic revolution is almost complete. You may recall back in Athens that Directed Thinking sprang forth from Undirected Thinking. We went from thinking in images to thinking in words. No longer did a God grab you by the curly locks and possess you with a plan or a rage. Instead you became yourself and reasoned or lusted by your own ego. From there it was a Calvin wagon-ride downhill to laying out the sciences and then using these to produce a silicon intelligence. Well, we're there. Now we can offload our talent to our technology, and return to being superstitious image-laden child-unconsciousnesses.

"They were as great children, tended by the planet's technology."

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