Horrible Idea #648

An absolutely horrible idea that I've no clue why it hasn't come to pass is Jeopardy, The Movie.

Plot? Who cares. This is for Hollywood. The kids will eat it up and the boomers will rent the vid. Only one man could possibly fill the role of Alex Trebek and that's William Shatner. And Will's getting on so we have to hurry. Heck, if we really want it to sell we can try to give him a cardiac during production. Maybe have Drew Barrymore as a contestant and pay her on the side to flash him. Have iron clad contracts with the camera crew, "No matter what, keep filming until you hear CUT."

And the sequel? Well, Double Jeopardy, of course.

Hollywood, you know my number. I can have the treatment done in a week. Final screenplay in probably less, depending on how much monkeys and vodka I can buy with the advance.

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