Waiting For VR

Imagine the wind never stopped. Now imagine it's always coming from the same direction. Would we have learned to fly earlier? Would we have made kite structures, or clothing so we could take advantage of 'hopping' into the wind and having short glides when direction and terrain permitted? Would we have developed elegant structures like hang-glider galleons to let many people navigate the globe together, or would we have developed individual clothes-kites so that all and any travel independently?

Either way I can turn this into commentary on virtual communities, or into a heck of fun level in Real Myst.

Hm.... I think it's time we got back into bodysuits and VR; the world's technology has had about 15 years to catch up to the ideas in this. Let's see what we can produce now for the price of a Mattel Powerglove, or say a mid-range sport bike.

Yeah.. wind ships or leaf people. Which will it be? You choose.

So I guess the 'next level' to take Myst to is to add a sim-evolution engine so we do more than just build a world and explore it in a fixed time.

Or jack similar tech to the code of your Quake skin so that it evolves its characteristics based on your survival skills. Mine would quickly evolve into a camouflaged section of wall and would neither let me move nor fire for fear of attracting attention, but your mileage may vary.

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