Years back I told a friend about the pen I want. I've since seen prototypes that are reaching for this idea but we're still not there yet, so let me be blunt.

I want an ordinary slim pen that is a wireless device that reads what I am writing. I want to jot down a note or a letter or an essay and then I want to click or write a special character or a line and have it all mailed to whomever or whatever I write next. Simple, direct, instant. And act as my normal pen.

We could make a tiny mouse ball out of the ink ball, or we could have it optically read the weave of the paper the way handheld scanners do.

It would also work for drawing and drafting. Add a few more special characters to explain simple 3d motion. Like arrows. I could then sketch an idea on a napkin and with a click or a tap send it to my notepad where it would wait as a cad file or a wireframe or a flash panel -- whatever I had signed it to be.

Technology is sometimes about you learning skills, and sometimes it is about extending the skills you have. (Like why have we not yet got a hearing aid that widens our range? Think of all the birdsong we are missing.)

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